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At Acsis Consultancy there is extensive experience in various areas of information technology. Our small group of professionals has abundant knowledge on theoretical and practical level in several areas. This ranges from hardware and software to the more intangible areas of IT management, continuity and security.


Synergy of this knowledge enables us to give sound advice where we attempt to consider the overall picture. Customarily, there are multiple solutions with their own advantages and disadvantages. The challenge is to find an optimum which often involves a compromise. Important in our approach is that we always consider a solution from the business of the customer, i.e. the extent to which a technique or solution can fit in and contribute to the customers business.


Due to our background in security and audit our approaches and advice will always be guided by best-practices for this domain.  Our goal is not only to provide high level advice, but detailed recommendations which are aligned to your specific situation.




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